Wood Ceramic Tile For Wall Renewing

Wood Ceramic Tile Patterns

Wood Ceramic Tile – If you want to renew your walls in a practical way without sacrificing aesthetics. Ceramic is a safe bet against moisture. Which is why it is the perfect material for bathrooms and kitchens and adapts to all decorative styles. PVC or MDF (imitation wood) wall-mounted friezes or wall coverings act as thermal and acoustic insulation and you have a choice of designs and colors.

Combine wood ceramic tile chess or patchwork type, it combines smooth tiles with prints, as if it were a chessboard. You can always choose the same design or alternate several similar to this attractive proposal in black ceramic and geometric drawings. In this other proposal mix different ceramic designs in black and white, patchwork style, a very personal and elegant resource and ideal for the retro style with a contemporary touch. The wall will decorate itself.

The self-adhesive mesh is for bathrooms and kitchens idea. Decorative meshes are fashionable for how good they are. And for how easy they are install on any surface without the need for works. In the skirt of the bathtub, covering a beam, or coating a whole wall. Use this material to delimit spaces and achieve light effects by mixing bright wood ceramic tile with matte.