Why Not Wood Look Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic Tile Replicates Wood

Wood look ceramic tile – Through the tile we approach another way to imitate the natural wood. A material with countless benefits to which we add the beauty of the wood-like appearance. It is durable and easy to clean. With a retro air, the mosaic of the image represents a multidimensional perspective cubic figure that adds depth to a flat floor. A new element that perfectly mimics natural wood is vinyl flooring. The manufacture of this material is in continuous plastic.

The outer surface is printed or engraved with the specific appearance of wood, here for example. A more offer alternative with more possibilities of application and resistance. Vinyl is easy to maintain and very durable because it is highly resistant to water and abrasion. Another material that has adapted perfectly to the appearance of wood and has even enriched it is sandstone.

At first glance, you say it’s a wonderful wood floor. Yes, it is wonderful, but no it is not wood: it is a sandstone floor imitation wood. Who would believe it! The irregular effect is part of the game perfectly imitating the colors and stripes of natural wood. And, the arrangement of spikes adds a more imitative which convinces without hesitation.