Warm And Friendly Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Clean Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Subway tile kitchen backsplash – If you decide to cover all the walls of your kitchen with the metro tiles, you give yourself the opportunity to create a unique and sensational decor. Indeed, instead of deciding on a single strip color. You can now mix the colors: gray-white, white-black, red-white, green-white, taupe-white, or orange-black … All combinations are allowed!

The subway tile of this kitchen is extremely design. We particularly like the mixture of silver tiles, gray tiles and white or neutral tiles that give charm and color under lamps. At the same time, this melee of tiles stands out clearly from the white color of the kitchen furniture and the rest of its decor.

If the retro colors do not tempt you (and you would not be wrong). It is possible to opt for a brightly color underground tile. The tiles give the look and also style to this colorful kitchen, warm and friendly. Here is a subtle mix of color in the kitchen with the subway tile. Very stylish, she superimposes with harmony and also finesse the colors that are red, black and white. In the end, each color finds its place in the decor of the kitchen, without any is superfluous or too much.