Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink Pedestal Design

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink – Standing sinks can add a new look to your bathroom. A pedestal sink can be a good option to use in a small bathroom. As a vanity base cabinet can be too large or bulky and take up too much of your valuable space. Standing basin DIY centers or wooden warehouses are usually made of porcelain, porcelain or stone. Standing sinks usually come in two pieces – the basin and the pedestal. The installation of a pedestal sink is no more complicated than other types of bathroom sinks. But the installation technique may be different.

The weight of a bathroom sink is usually based entirely on a vanity base cabinet or pedestal. A toilet secured to the wall with screws and then the sink is attached to the top of the vanity with glue or screws, depending on the manufacturer. A pedestal sink is different in that the sink is fixed to the wall and only rests on the pedestal. Although the total weight of the pool is resting on the pedestal, it can also be fixed to the wall for stability and to maintain the tension of the drainage and water supply lines.

A pedestal sink takes up much less space than a base cabinet vanity. The result of a small bathroom can be a much clearer feeling. The classic lines of a pedestal sink can be attractive to those who wish to make an older home look more authentic.