Very Nice Woodland Nursery Decor

Cool Woodland Nursery Decor

Woodland nursery decor – Are you ready with sauces, then you have a nice surface to work with. You can get a good inspiration to paint the nursery by looking through the children’s booklets. Are there nice figures that you could paint on the wall? Also consult with your child. Imagine if your daughter loves Diddl, then you can paint one of those figures on the wall. You can do this by creating or buying a template.

Different stores sell shapes and letters to stick on the wall. They are made of cardboard and you can paint them yourself in a suitable color. This is a very nice idea, because you can do anything with it: from making fun patterns to attaching the child’s name to the wall. One of the nicest nursery wall ideas is to create your own shadows on the walls.

Of course you should not choose shadows that will scare your child. How about a series of black shades of butterflies or a cute rabbit? If your child is a little tougher, you can also opt for bats or cobwebs on the walls. In fact, the series of children’s room wall ideas is virtually endless. Whether it’s sauce, painting, wallpapering or decorating the nursery: you are actually always served with neutral walls on which you can attach all kinds of fun decorations