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DIY Sunroom – It is also known as a greenhouse. A solarium offers shelter to its seedlings at maturity. Building your own sunroom is an economical way to bring a protected garden in your yard where you can grow flowers, fruits or vegetables in an environment sheltered from inclement weather or unwanted bugs. You can build a structure with a dirt floor or use concrete patio tiles if you want a hard surface.

Build an open-ended, low-cost hoop style sunroom with a list of modest materials. Use treated 6 by 6 inches of gardening ties bet on the ground as the perimeter of its structure. Next, use rigid PVC pipes semi-flexed in hoops in an arched shape, stretched between the loops of the landscape to create a dome-shaped structure from front to back. Cover the arches with a plastic sheet to finish your sunroom. Alberta home gardening has a good example of a hoop-style greenhouse that includes measures for the project.

Known for the ease of construction, an A-shaped building can be assembled quickly and does not require extensive knowledge of carpentry. Create a solid base for your greenhouse by sinking fence posts treated in the ground with quick-mix concrete. Then top off the posts with wood as a base to establish an A-shaped structure made of 2 by 4 inch wood. Cover the A-shaped structure with a plastic sheet. Let the open composition or create a passage opening by hanging two sections of plastic sheet from the ceiling to the floor with an overlapping section of 2 feet in the medium can also walk through drive gases.Diy sunroom kit,

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