To Repair A Kohler Sink Faucets

Kohler Warehouse

Kohler sink faucets – If your Kohler sink faucet has a leak it is time to repair it. Replacing the cartridge is the most effective way to stop leaks. Since most leaks come from worn seals or valve parts inside the cartridge. The replacement of this part only takes half an hour if you are familiar with the repairs. If not, leave aside a good time to do this work. It is a common repair and will work on other types of faucets as well.

How about kohler faucets repair? Just starting with turn off the water to the tap by closing the valves of the pipes under the sink. They are accessed through the opening of the closet doors. Be sure to turn both of them to the closed position. Second, locate the set screw on the back of the key and loosen this with an Allen wrench. Slide the handle by pulling it up and away from the key. Third, remove the molded hood (located on the tap under the handle) and then unscrew the washer underneath it.

Remove the adapter from the spike and then pull the cartridge from the tap head by grasping the stem and lifting it. Fourth, return to the cartridge with a new brand that is made for your particular model of Kohler sinks faucet. Last, reattach the stem adapter and washer, then tighten the washer by hand. Replace the molded hood and then replace the handle by sliding it over the cartridge stem. Screw the fixing screw into the mounting hole on the back of the key and tighten with the Allen wrench.