To Remove A Moen Sink Faucet Sleeve

Delta Kitchen Faucets

Moen sink faucet – Moen sink faucets have a small cartridge inside that allows hot, cold or a both hot and cold water to flow through the spout. Mount this cartridge right on the bottom of the faucet and a small sleeve covers the stem – the rod on top of the faucet that connects to the handle. If you want to replace this sleeve, first open it by removing the handle. The job requires basic tools.

Turn off the water to the sink by closing the two water pipe valves in the sink cabinet. Turn the valve handles the watch until they stop closing the valves. Unscrew the screw under the Moen faucets tap handle lever with an Allen key. Gently pull the handle down and slide it off the foot of the crane. Remove any attached adapters by screwing the adapter screw with a screwdriver and pushing the adapter off the crane by hand.

Screw the dome by turning it counterclockwise by hand. Remove the dome and spout locking nut if necessary by turning it counterclockwise with a spanner. Remove the sleeve by pulling it off the crane base. Each crane has slightly different parts under the handle. If the moen faucets parts have two separate handles mounted on the worktop, unscrew the bottom of the faucet. These by turning it counterclockwise and pull the entire base off. This base is the only sleeve on the crane.