Tips To Install Bar Sink Faucet

Prep Bar Sink Faucet

Idea to install new bar sink faucet is a good way to improve the look of a sink and faucet combination, better game with decorating a room or replacing a defective unit. The taps come in kits with all the connectors, joints and nuts necessary for its correct installation. They come in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes ranging from simple sink drains to bar or kitchen.

Turn the handles of the water supply valve under the sink on the left to stop the flow of water to the tap. Turn both the hot and cold supply valves off. Open the tap to drain the lines. Place a bucket or container under the sink and below the water lines to collect the water drain. Disconnect the hot and cold water pipes from the bottom of the tap, using an adjustable wrench. Drain each line in the bucket or container.

Remove the mounting nuts on the bottom of the sink to release the tap. Lift the faucet and gasket assembly from the sink, but be careful not to damage the holes in the sink. Use a putty spatula to loosen any plumber placed between the faucet and the sink and dispose of it. Remove any grit, soap residue, sediment or putty residue from the tap area with a wash sponge and rinse with clean water. Allow the tap area to dry completely before installing the new faucet.