Tips To Clean The Commercial Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Commercial Kitchen Sink

Commercial Kitchen Sink – The sous chef is the kitchen supervisor. He is responsible for making sure that everyone below him is doing his job, and that he includes cleaning at the end of a shift. The principal purpose is to ensure that the commercial kitchen is perfectly clean for the next chef to work it. The next cook must feel that he is entering a new kitchen, without touching. Cleaning the commercial kitchen means dividing the work into five segments: dishes, floors, kitchen areas, tables, and garbage.

Clean the dishes and the sink area. Stack the dishes on an assembly line next to the sink. Spray each dish with the hot stream to remove all large pieces of food. Excess food should go through the garbage disposal. Wash each plate with a green pad in the first sink with hot water and soap; then rinse the dish in the hot water sink. Finally, each plate nailed in the third sink, which should be cold water with a disinfectant solution added. Load the dishes in the test area drip dry. When the dishes are dry, replace them in the appropriate shelves (pots, plates, glasses and kitchen utensils).

When the person responsible for the dishes is finished, make sure that you have caged the dishes correctly. That means that all the utensils, dishes, and cooking utensils are properly classified in the locked dish cage. Also, make sure the refrigerator is tightly closed.