Tips For Kitchen Island With Sink Placing

Kitchen Island With Sink Ikea

Kitchen Island with Sink – The kitchen with island never goes out of style. Its innovative character and its extreme functionality make it the option chosen by those whose budget. But, above all whose space, allow it. It is estimated that the minimum distance for an island is around 90 centimeters. Although most experts agree that 210 centimeters are the acceptable standard in case of incorporating kitchen sink and glass ceramic. American influence is becoming more common when a person plans to put an island in the kitchen a new doubt arises. Where to place the sink?

If the island is designed for family or social interaction, its use does not require a tap. Although it may be useful to incorporate a simple sink to wash hands or drinking water. The model of osmosis sink is perfect for this case. If the island is conceived in a more practical sense, as a complement to the kitchen. A sink at the same height as the fire makes maneuvering very simple. The glass ceramic and the sink can share the island but this will undoubtedly require more space.

If you want to install the sink on the island, it is necessary to take the water supply (which is usually located on the wall) to that place. In general, it requires rethinking the complete design of the kitchen and start work. Kitchens with island carry a higher cost in its installation. Although it is later compensated with the enjoyment of this space. It is a question of priorities.