Tiny House Stairs Projects

Pull Down Spiral Staircase

Tiny house stairs – The stairs can represent much more than just architectural connecting element between different rooms of the house. They can in fact become both an opportunity to define spaces and in terms of organization, which will become a focal point of home decoration. In fact, the choice of shapes and materials for the stairs is able to determine the configuration of the environments.

In particular when they are part of a tiny house, where one needs to exploit every available centimeter in a useful and effective way. The stairs, then, become a tool to articulate livable and welcoming environments. Also functional and practical, without sacrificing style and taste in decoration. What the staircase for small house? Steps suspended from the wall can be choices.

A staircase with steps suspended from the wall, in an agile and light configuration that allows using the space with intelligence. And also to enrich it with movement and geometry. A classic tiny spiral staircase, ideal solution for a small house. Able to connect two levels of the house with agility and in a functional manner. And to introduce with great simplicity a decoration that alternates the sinuous shapes of the metal structure with the horizontal ones of the wooden steps.