The Best Basement Bathroom Design

Best Rustic Basement Ideas

The addition of a basement bathroom design to your home often provides added value and function.  In the design of your basement bathroom, you will have to take into account the special needs of the basement construction. Because it is a basement below the level, it is not likely to be the plumbing concerns that can involve special suction pumps and upgrades. With good planning, your basement bathroom can become a spa-like destination that adds to the comfort and ease of use of your entire home.

Hire a plumber, inspector or architect to examine your basement for hidden plumbing or construction problems. It is also a good idea to ask your office building or local planning if you are allowed to add a bathroom and allow it or the costs will be involved.

Measure the entire basement using a tape measure.  Of tracing paper tape on the basement floor plan. Draw at the location where you want to install the bathroom. A full bathroom-minimum size is approximately 6 feet by 8 feet. Design your bathroom to include all the features you want. A large bathroom can have a whirlpool tub with standing shower head, double sinks, under floor heating and a dresser behind your own privacy wall.