Sunroom Greenhouse, Some Tips Will Be Very Useful!

Garden Sunroom Greenhouse

The greenhouse is the best place to germinate the seeds of plants that will join the kitchen garden or ornamental garden. Sunroom greenhouse is also an ideal place to winter its most sensitive plants. However, to install your greenhouse, some tips will be very useful! Follow the guide and set up your greenhouse without making mistakes. Before starting to assemble the greenhouse, it is important to choose the location.

Plant your greenhouse in a location where there is as little shade as possible. If possible, avoid placing it in the shade of trees, fences or shrubs. The overhanging branches drop drops of rain that quickly dirty the windows, and the small branches that whip them can break them. A minimum area of ​​6 m² in the greenhouse is desirable in order to move easily between the shelves.

Finally, it is essential to fix the structure of the greenhouse to the ground, either via a base adapted to the greenhouse, or via a solid floor made of concrete, stone, wood … The orientation of the greenhouse will depend on your needs and what you want to do there. If you want to grow vegetables from summer until autumn, orient your greenhouse north-south. It thus benefits from the first rays of the morning sun and heats up quickly; and at sunset the temperature in the greenhouse is maintained to the last radius.