Subway Tile Kitchen For Modern And Traditional Decor

Clean Subway Tile Kitchen

Subway tile kitchen – Subway tile is one of the most used wall coverings in modern decoration! Chic and aesthetic, it adapts easily to different styles of design and decoration. It is also perfect for creating the credence or wall covering of a kitchen. And if you feel like it, you can also use it in other rooms of the house. The subway tile consists of ceramic pieces with beveled edges.

It is a very trendy tiling that can use as well for a retro style decoration as for a modern decor . In addition, you can play with colors and create contrasts with furniture and other accessories in your kitchen. The kitchen credenza is the portion of the wall that is just above the kitchen worktop, with a height of 30 to 40 cm. To give it a look and give a special touch to the decor of the kitchen, you can choose to achieve metro tile.

Trend red and white for this credence of contemporary cuisine and design! The tiles are laid with white joints that align with the color of the shelves. In addition, their bright red color contrasts well with the brown red of the main worktop, sowing life and tone in the room.