Stylish Log Cabin Tiny House

Best Tiny House Log Cabin Style

Log cabin tiny house have been a staple of American apartment building since the founding of the country. And remain a popular choice for residential structures. Because wooden houses are made only of wood. They are a renewable resource that is good for the environment and affordable for homeowners. Following the same simple steps and only changing the footprint of the house. Wooden cabins can be made as small or large as desired.

Enter the basics of the cabin. Choose a piece of land that is free of weeds and rose so that the area around the base of the log cabin will remain relatively dry. Level the soil as much as possible, adding dirt if necessary. Place the large trunks on the ground to form a square or rectangle. This will serve as the base of the cabin and can be as small or as large as desired. If desired, a stone base can be stacked in the shape of the cabin instead of placing the records directly on the ground.

Notches in the threshold records used for the foundation with a saw every 2 feet to transport to the wooden supports on which the floorboards will be placed. Place the wooden support beams in the notches of the threshold records. So that they extend through the foundation from one end to the other. Place the wooden plates chosen for the floor through the support beams to cover the floor.