Styles Of Porch For Modern Ranch House

Stylish Modern Ranch House

Modern ranch house – While they are generally rectangular in shape and have a single floor, with lower pitch ceilings. They can be customized to fit a variety of styles and tastes. One of the most notable ways to establish a ranch apart from your neighbors is through the addition of a porch that suits the owner’s lifestyle.

As most older ranch-style homes have only a small concrete porch, the addition of a country porch, a covered porch that runs along the front of the house, will provide greater versatility. Add chairs to create a comfortable space, and hanging baskets along the edge of the roof to bring a splash of color. If desired, you can turn the portico of the country into an enveloping style for even more space and personality.

If you and your family enjoy life outdoors during the summer months, a porch-in can provide an insect-free area. A porch-in can also be a comfortable area to visit with neighbors. Often, the porch can be in the form of windows or glass panels so you can use it as a solar room during the winter months. Also, the addition of columns and rails to the porch if a country porch, wrap or small original porch of the house can create a totally different look.