Stoneware Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Ceramic Tile Vs Porcelain Tile

Porcelain bathroom tile – Porcelain stoneware and laminate bathroom tiles designed for an enveloping and contemporary environment. This is a ceramics for a shiny or opaque bathroom, enriched with decorations and mosaics. Endless style solutions to personalize your most intimate environment. From walls to shower cover, from floors to furnishing elements.

The porcelain stoneware tiles are characterized by a clear or colored support. And are obtained by pressing their resistance and high porosity. As well as the technical characteristics, have marked their wide diffusion and their use in many fields. Porcelain stoneware tiles can be glazed or have a natural surface, can be colored in bulk or have the substrate not colored. They can be subjected to different treatments, including honing or lapping, based on the aesthetic yield you want to obtain;

Porcelain ceramic floor tile, this typology offers us a wide range of possibilities in terms of tones and designs that will facilitate the composition of our bathroom. They are also similar to ceramics in terms of maintenance and cleaning. So that in this aspect we will not have many problems. The big point against is its high price, although it is justified by the high quality and finishes offered by porcelain.