Standard Size For Suspended Sunroom Windows

3 Seasons Rooms

Sunroom Windows – The sunroom is designed to attract large amounts of natural light to the room and home. Using a double-hung, insulated window in a glazed terrace has the advantage of allowing air to enter the room and controlling the amount of heat that passes through the glass. Guillotine windows are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit the requirements of the homeowner.

A double hung window consists of two, only crystals (called strips), placed one above the other inside a window frame. There are two glass panels in a double hung window, which means each panel slides open allowing the panels to slide one over the other. In comparison, a window opens only hanging from the bottom only. The ability to open the guillotine window from the top and bottom allows airflow to move generously in and out of a room. A double hung window can also be known as a double-hung leaf window.

Window insulation techniques keep a sunroom cooler blocking the heat from penetrating through the glass. Manufacturers insulate sash windows in numerous ways, including hermetically sealing two crystals together, adding a filler gas inside the hermetically sealed glasses or adding a layer of low emissivity to the glass surface. Manufacturers use inert gases, argon, and krypton, to fill the space between two or three sheets of glass. Inert gases are used because they have a high resistance to heat and do not react easily with other gases or substances.