Standard Bathroom Sink Height To Floor

Table Top Wash Basin Height From Floor

Bathroom Sink Height – The height of a drain depends on the height of the countertop or vanity. As well as the depth of the sink. While some of the standards exist for accessibility to the public. That requires a certain maximum sink height, the drain has some guidelines. In a home, you can place a sink at any height, as the drain can be properly connected to the drain outlet.

Many bathroom vanities are between 32 and 36 inches high, with the edge of the sink or slightly above that height. The sink itself can be deep or surface, depending on the style. Many common flakes are approximately 5 to 10 inches deep, so the drainage hole is commonly found about 22 inches to 2 1/2 feet above the floor. Plumbing can be adjusted so that the drain can be connected to the outlet of the drain properly.

Rules for sinks become stricter when they need public accessibility for the disabled. A bathroom sink cannot be more than 35 inches tall, while the kitchen sink should be 34 inches or less. The sink itself should be a maximum of 6 1/2 inches deep. Washbasins for the disabled have dispatch guides. In addition to handicapped guides, common sense guidelines should be followed. The drain must be 1/64 inch in any direction of 2 feet. The drain should be well tied and should not move when used. The sink siphon should also function properly and free from defects.