Special Ideas For Wood Look Tile Flooring

Home Floors

Wood look tile flooring, recognized for the quality and aesthetics of its hardwood floors, has been offering since the beginning of 2015, a new collection quite remarkable, and the Flair collection. Inspired by the look of oiled hardwood floors, the latter offers rustic, chic and high-quality hardwood floors whose properties stand out in every respect. Certainly, we can find wood types that adapt well to moisture. And could be installed in a bathroom without problems: cork wood, Brazilian walnut and bamboo are examples.

However, given their exotic origins and their water resistance. Some of these woods are also more expensive. In addition, the wood coating often requires additional treatments that ensure greater protection against mold. On the other hand, tiles with parquet effect are also chosen for kitchen and toilet surfaces. Because these spaces need to be cleaned more often than others.

While natural wood is likely to add a nice touch to the decoration of these parts. It is more fragile when it is expose to oil stains, acidic substances and some cleaning products. Tiling is much less exposed to the risk of damage. At the same time, its hygroscopic capacities are reduce. It means that the liquid substances penetrate more difficult inside the tiles and, as a result, they absorb very little grease and other staining liquids.