Sober Small Cabin Interior

Bar Cabin Interior

Small cabin interior – This cottage has got its special character according to the owner’s personality and way of using the cabin. He is a mountain enthusiast and uses this place as a base for long trips in the “infinite” mountain area that surrounds the cabin.  Here, however, great emphasis is place on everything being more than usual functional and practical. Both for short weekend stays and for longer holidays.

The two houses on the old stables are based on both feelings about how modern mountain huts should be. And on local building practice. And on the basis of these attitudes, this unpretentious building became a place for the future. The basic plan is arranged so that all activities are organized around the central, monumental fireplace. This stylish, gray wall block covers the center of the main room and is an exciting eye catcher from all sides.

Sober is cool the decor is simple and spartan, and inspiring. As the cabin’s exterior is. The fireplace is space-built and it contains both a wood-burning stove and a sauna stove. The cabin does not have water and electricity. But power from four large batteries that are charged from a solar panel gives enough energy to four fixed light points, some steel lamps and pumps for showers and two cranes.