Sober And Neutral Tones Rustic Tiny House

Barn Wood House

A living acquaintance in the countryside decides to demolish the old barn on its land that has not been used for a long time. Well, jump on the occasion and make sure some boards are reserved for you! The rustic tiny house made its debut a few years ago, appreciated for its resistance, but especially for its rustic appearance. To get your hands on this unusual commodity, you can also visit the classifieds sites where we often find good deals.

Wood recovered white and rustic … What is there to not like? Looks so bright and comfortable! We agree that this show is white and very clean. Suitcases are picked from flea markets and the coffee table combines sobriety with rusticity. In a nutshell, the rural spirit is expressed in natural materials, sober and neutral tones, a certain rusticity. But also a form of sustainability that characterizes the objects formerly used by the peasants.

The workbench becomes a solid worktop , the wood ladder finds new uses in contemporary interiors. The milking stool becomes decorative object, the zinc watering can a vase for pretty bouquets. Whether you want to decorate your country house or call nature in your apartments or townhouses. Here are 12 inspiring ideas not to be missed.