Smart Small Laundry Room Design

Awesome Laundry Cabinets Small

Small laundry room design – Be aware that the laundry room can also be inviting in the bathroom, the kitchen and even slip into a hallway. As long as there is a water supply and a window or a ventilation in the corner, everything is fine! Whether you prefer this type of location for lack of space or choice, several solutions are available to you. Conceal the laundry area behind a curtain or a sliding door, put it in the closet or give it a piece of the hall , it’s up to you!

Once the question of the plan is resolved, you have to think about the space so that it becomes as functional as possible. To do this, bet on one or more work plan (s) . There are foldable models that fold down and you can even put the worktop on the washing machine, as the latter has a porthole opening. Side storage, a single word in the laundry: optimize.

Nothing too complicated, just use the wall surface to the maximum to free up floor space. How? By multiplying shelves any height that do very well. The goal is to simplify your life, and the cleaning products must be at your fingertips. Laundry, softener, demineralized water … Everything has to find its place in a cupboard , a cupboard or a well thought out drawer .