Small Modern House Plans Of Open Floor

Ultra Modern House Floor Plans In Mode

An open floor for small modern house plans is a perfect design for a small house. Think of trendy loft condominiums, where each space flows into another. A tiny house with an open design can feel luxurious and modern or comfortable and old-fashioned. It’s all depending on how you finish. A small and open house is the greener and more spacious approach to a modern and casual lifestyle. Whether you’re renovating your current home by tearing down walls, or you’re out looking for a new small house, with a free floor plan you’ll help live big.

A free flow plan, even in a small house, gives you an unlimited number of opportunities to decide how you will cook, eat and entertain yourself. Look for an open plan, where the living room, dining room, and kitchen all together seam effortlessly. There is not a lot of wasted space when a house is opened from the inside out. Large groups are invited and encourage guests to get together and interact. Even the most private areas of the house can assume a sense of spaciousness. A loft bedroom that is open to a spa like bathroom can be soothing and relaxing.

If you are renovating a small old house, talk to a builder who is familiar with structural engineering. You can have your heart set on an open plan, but most of the old houses were built for the divided spaces. Do not start tearing the walls without getting a good building council. Even if you have to leave the bedrooms and bathrooms the way they are, just opening the spaces between the livings, dining and kitchen areas can make a small house live much larger.