Skirting Log Cabin Interior

Build Small Log Cabin Kitchens

Almost everyone dreams of log cabin interior, but it works well for remodeling the family takes careful thought.  Instead of four white walls or, at the other orange red or shocking extreme, deep, consider antique white, yellow sun, faded blueberry blue or gray fashionable. Look for bluish shades for a cool look, shades of pink for a warm look. Go even bolder with accent walls, color plate, door frames, windows or skirting boards, with cobalt blue, Mediterranean green, lime cut, retro aqua glossy shabby chic pink.

Stencils are a subtle way to add color and texture to smooth walls. Try a cashmere or fleur-de-lis strip in lavender, gold or wine. You can also paint freehand a border of vines, flowers, or leaves, the current favorite, the birds and owls. Take a long hard look at your belongings and get rid of the clutter. Use baskets, drawer dividers, boxes and buckets to store items.

You can even display your storage artistically by lining buckets or vintage baskets with different textures on open shelves and cabinets. Create a small low shelf for shoes at the door and hang overhead hooks for coats and bags. Add a basket with a lid for the mail.