Simple Install For Faucet Water Filter

Water Filter

Faucet Water Filter – Rust in tap water is a common occurrence, even in homes with new plumbing. Furthermore, many water networks in the city are made of old-fashioned metal pipes. Over time, rust builds up in these water pipes. This oxide appears in a house plumbing system in the form of brown water. Moreover, complicated filtration systems can be installed by a professional, but they are expensive. Use a simple mounted tap water filter and some household tools to remove rust and make tap water safe to drink.

Remove the aerator carefully with a pair of pliers. And then, the screws of aerators at the end of the key and has an insert inside it that forces the water to come out in a spray. The aerator is made of fine metal and is threaded into the tap. So, clean the threaded section of the faucet with a mixture of dishwashing detergent and hot water. Use a toothbrush to remove the remains of the threads.

Apply a small piece of plumber’s Teflon tape to the threaded section of the faucet. That is to install the water filter. The water filter is attached to the threaded end of the tap. Slowly tighten the threaded coupler that connects the water filter to the tap threads. If it is difficult to screw the filter into the tap, unscrew the filter’s hook and check the debris threads. Once the filter is screwed, tighten the coupler with a wrench, taking care, not to over tighten the coupler.