Setting Up Basement Stair Ideas

Decorating Ideas For Under Stairs

Basement stair ideas – For those who suffer from lack of space or for those who simply want to make a renovation in their home, the use of space left by the stairs is a good alternative to gain space. Sometimes setting up a table and shelf makes a big difference, turning the place into a good working area that did not exist before. But it is possible to go further and invest in new coatings, which will help to define this space. For this, the furniture will have to be adapted to this space to better arrange it.

The space under the stairs can also be transformed into a new room, thanks to a little creativity and manual work. Ideal for those who want another place in connection with the privacy of the house. You can also use the space at the top of the stairs to create a bathroom at the guest room. How about setting up a playroom for the little ones? With an elegant door, you can create a playful environment in a small space.

Spaces to read or relax are also good options to transform the space under the stairs. With armchairs and cushions, you can create environments with great comfort . I recommend cushions to create a relaxation and pampering area with children. A comfortable armchair, cupboards and shelves form an inviting reading area.