Rustic Modern House At The Same Time

Rustic Modern Decor Living Room

Rustic modern house – A contemporary home with elegant interiors of modern lines and sophisticated furniture, but from the facade shows small glimmers of tradition and some rusticity in its materials and forms. As well as a certain eclectic touch in the decoration. What is that? Yes, A rustic modern house. The rustic and traditional touch of the facade is undeniable.

Although its shapes are totally geometric and the contemporary style is shown in the transparent glass balconies and the steel structures that support them, the texture of rough masonry and the natural tones of the clear stone denote a certain air. The mustard-colored wall of the second plane can come in the dark wood door. While the small patio next to the main entrance and the interior details that can be seen on the upper floor in brown colors can make clear the rustic modern furniture gallery.

And make it the pleasant face of a house that promises much warmth and comfort. And to close rustic modern decor with a flourish, how about having breakfast on the terrace? In a small wooden patio, with a dining room with comfortable cushioned seats and a pergola that protects without enclosing. A discreet garden around and a cloud of red hearts on the wall. The perfect place to start the day on a summer morning, where love seems to be in the air.