Rustic Cabin Interior Decor Ideas

Best Small Rustic Cabin Interior

Rustic cabin interior give decorators a lot of options. Organic and natural imagery is often used in the decoration of the cabin. Since the environment surrounding a cabin is often the inspiration for interior design. The rustic exterior feel to a cabin allows the decorator to be creative with both traditional and unexpected styles.

Traditional cabin decor often uses earth tones and images of local wildlife. Including paintings, prints and sculptures of animals such as moose, bears and deer gives your cabin a traditional feel. Use of logs and bark is a common feature of traditional cabin decoration. Try decorating lamp shades, frames and tabletops with birch bark leaves, which can be purchased at craft stores. Bring the outdoors indoors by filling ceramic vases with wildflowers and placing them around the house.

Rustic and contemporary looks like contradictory styles, but the unlikely combination can give it a more modern twist on the rustic log cabin look. Like traditional decor, a contemporary rustic style uses earth tones and natural images. The difference between the two styles is that contemporary rustic uses clean lines and places modern furniture next to rustic furniture, making a visually interesting juxtaposition. The use of organic shapes in the decoration of your cabin is another way to bring natural elements into your space. Find art and furniture that reflects nature because it is inaccurate and not geometric.