Rustic Basement Ideas Warm

Basement Rustic Lamps

Rustic basement ideas – Give a boost to the basement: that’s a challenge! By focusing on materials, furniture, accessories and appropriate colors. It is possible to diffuse a maximum of light in this space. Here are our tips in pictures to say mission accomplished! Position in the heart of the room, it shines the basement a thousand lights. For even more brilliance, we put on a coat dressed in white from head to toe. By covering the concrete floor with a glossy finish – epoxy, for example – we make sure to increase the brightness in the basement.

Walls, doors, framing and ceilings of the same pale shade are paint to ventilate the room. And give the illusion of pushing the height of the ceiling. When one is lucky enough to have access to the outside in the basement, a lot of natural light is allowed in, avoiding window coverings or furniture that could obstruct part of this opening.

The latter gives the impression of enlarging the room thanks to the view it offers on the courtyard. Thanks to the combination of natural materials such as blond wood, white stone and beige burlap, the place gains in warmth and clarity. They let in maximum light while preserving the privacy of the occupants.