Replacing The Single Handle Shower Faucet

Shower Faucet Set

Single Handle Shower Faucet – Replacing the hardware in your bathroom is a way to update or change the look of your bathroom, especially if the shower and other major components of the bathroom are still in good shape. You can remove a single-handle shower faucet in less time than shower faucets that have two or three handles, giving you more time to remove and install other pieces of hardware in your bathroom. You will need to buy some specialized tools to complete the task, which you can use to correct leaks later.

Shut the water in the home by closing the main water valve. Take the water control handle by loosening the anchor bolt, located under a plastic cap or at the base of the handle. Pull the lever from the fitting of the faucet. Pull hoses or parts, adapter, including the metal washer on the valve stem. Remove the retaining clip from the side of the valve cartridge, if one is present, with a screwdriver.

Twist the cartridge in the water tube using a pair of pliers or a cartridge extractor tool. Remove the screws that hold the rear plate of the mixer to the shower wall, then remove the back plate. Install the new faucet, starting from the back plate, working in reverse order of how you took the original key apart. Turn on the main water valve for the house and check the faucet area for leaks.