Repairing Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Valve

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Handle Pull Out

Single handle kitchen faucet valve is usually one of two types: cartridge or ball valve. The operation of a faucet valve is essentially the same as that of a faucet, which is the method of repairing it.


Turn off the water to the shower before you start. You may need to search for water shutdown in the basement or under the house. Turn off the main water pipe to the house if you cannot find it. Single handle kitchen faucet Use the channel lock to unscrew the nut that holds the valve assembly in place. Some cartridges are held in place by a pin and, if so, pull out the pin with channel lock. Set the nut or pin to the side.

If any plastic valve or valve seat is chipped, replace the entire valve mechanism. Replace the new valve mechanism, making sure that the springs is properly seated in ball valves and that the cartridges are replaced in the same direction as when they were removed. Replace the pin or pull the nut assembly. Attach the handle and tighten the screw that holds it. Single handle kitchen faucet to turn off the water and test. Screw the brass collar on the tap with duct cover pliers. Remove the plastic body from the collar with a screwdriver. Extend valve seals as well. Release new valve seals with your fingers. Replace all faucet parts in reverse order of how you removed them; Use duct cover pliers and screwdrivers to secure parts when needed.