Repair Your Own White Kitchen Faucet

White Kitchen Faucet Moen

White Kitchen Faucet – White made a faucet line for use in homes and businesses. The kitchen faucets use a ceramic cartridge that changes the flow of water and temperature. If you need to repair a leak in the handle, replace the cartridge by taking the handle out. This small device works water flow rates, both for hot and cold water inlets. It takes a bit of knowledge to have access to this part. But, if you follow the instructions closely and have all the right tools, it’s a 10-minute job.

Close the tap water by closing the valves under the sink. To close, turn each one in a clockwise direction until it stops. Remove the handle on the tap where the leak is located. Remove the fixing screw by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. Use an Allen wrench, if the faucet uses an Allen style screw. Pull the handle out of the tax base.

Take the plastic cap off, this is around, horn-shaped piece. Unscrew the pressure nut, which is the hexagonal nut just below the handle near what would have been the base of the handle when it went to the key. Use a wrench or a large plumber channel locking pliers to get this nut. Take the cartridge from the base of the handle by pulling it up and out. Put a new cartridge in its place. Replace the pressure nut and washers as necessary and slide the handle again. To install the handle screw and tighten with your Allen wrench to secure it.