Remove A Vintage Bathroom Sink Faucet

Vintage Bathroom Sink Design

Removing a faucet in a vintage bathroom sink is a fairly simple project that even the first-time DIY plumber can handle. Faucets will usually have a single connection to the water supply hoses that provide the water for the faucet tap. Some faucets may also have a pop-up drain lever that must be disconnected before the faucet can be removed.

Ideas for remove a vintage bathroom sink faucet look under the tap to locate the water supply valves. They are either oval or circular in shape and will have water supply hoses that snake up from them to the top key. Turn the controls to the right to close the water. Get under the sink. Unscrew the couplings of the plastic supply hoses on the bottom of the key with a wrench or pliers. Remove the plastic retaining screws that hold the sink in place with the pliers.

Disconnect the pop-up lever, if present. Look for a horizontal bar that leads to the drain attached to a vertical bar that leads to the tap. There will be either a wing nut or a spring clamp the two pieces together. Loosen these items. Run a spatula around the outside of the key on the countertop and cut off any putty. Gently shake the faucet back and forth until the key is released. Lift up and out of the electrical outlets in the sink.