Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Floor Tile

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Vinyl floor tile – Thanks to the new materials and the applied treatments, the vinyl floors have acquired greater durability, resistance to rubbing and insulation. These floors can currently be used in shops, hotels, restaurants and in your home. Nowadays, using this material does not necessarily mean detrimental to the aesthetics of the environment.

Ease of cleaning; one of the most outstanding points is the ease of cleaning. Since it is a waterproof coating it can be moistened to clean efficiently and quickly. It is resistant to non-abrasive cleaning products or solvents.  It is an ideal coating to change the appearance quickly and without works of wet sectors, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. As they resist water. In these cases it is appropriate to use anti-slip floors, a type of vinyl tile flooring made especially with safety in mind.

Although current vinyl tile sheets have some resistance to high temperatures, you should avoid supporting hot objects on their surface. Or place them near sources of heat that can damage their structure. On the other hand sunlight discolors them over time. So it is good that they are not exposed to the sun directly and excessively. They are also not advisable for floors with a radiant heating system.