Pros And Cons Of Glass Tile Shower Floor

White Glass Tile Shower

Glass Tile Shower – Your shower needs a one-story battle horse. The soil has to endure having water poured into it several times a day. While at the same time it is comfortable under the bare feet, safe and not slippery, easy to clean, beautiful and not too expensive to buy or install. Glass tile can meet all of these requirements, as long as you are careful with the size of the tile.

The main problem with the use of glass tiles on the shower floor is that it can be slippery. To combat this, use the tiles no more than 2 square inches. The grout lines between the tiles add texture and make it easier to maintain balance. It makes the glass tile as safe as ceramic tile or any other type of shower floor. To be completely sure, you may also choose tiles with a textured surface.

Translucent or transparent effects can be achieved with glass tiles that are quite impossible with ceramic tile, stone, vinyl or any other type of bathroom floor. These aqueous effects are particularly suitable for an area filled with water such as a shower. Light can pass through glass tiles because they emit a glow like a jewel. Once it is on the floor, glass tile is as strong as ceramic tile. Before it is laid, glass tile is more fragile and can easily break, so it is a good idea to buy additional tiles to allow for breakage during installation.