Preparation For Log Cabin Home Plans

Small Log Cabin Homes

Log Cabin Home Plans – The advantages of building a log cabin is home ownership at a much-reduced price, living in the desert and satisfying the construction of your own home by hand. Start with prefabricated log cabin plans or projects yourself, making sure to account for the available sizes of the wood. Decide if you are going to use electricity from an energy company, generate your own with photovoltaic panels or live as the first settlers did without electricity. Wooden cabins can be one or two stories, depending on your needs and the available means.

Measure the outer walls of your log cabin site and mark them by driving stakes into the ground and attaching ropes around them. Dig three holes two and a half feet deep on each side of the contour of stone support pillars. Build springs in the holes with large, flat stones and mortar. Lay tin sheets on the stone pillars before building the log cabin. Remove the branches, bark, and knots from their records. Bark left on a tree trunk for more than a day, hardens and become very difficult to remove.

Use an adze to flatten the top of the trunks will be placed on the bottom. These have to be your heaviest records because they will support the rest of the records. Notches in two shorter trunks to support the two extreme walls. Deponed long, lower secondary logs through the stone support columns. Mount the notches of the final log records during the long secondary trunks. Chisel four slots along the length of the long trunks to support the floor joists.