Popular Minecraft Small Modern House

Build Minecraft House

Minecraft small modern house – The computer game Minecraft has just been sold to Microsoft. The game escapes classic computer games. There are no battles to win, no puzzles to solve and no life to lose. Instead, you can build your very own world. Minecraft : a game that started with a single game developer leisure project. But in a few years became so popular that it recently culminated in the sale of the company Mojang to Microsoft for two and a half billion dollars.

The original developer and owner of Minecraft, Notch (Markus Persson), write in connection with the sale that he sold Minecraft. Because it had become larger than he had expect and want to be responsible for. In both games, you can build. But Minecraft gives you the opportunity to create something you like. Whether it’s a space ship or a copy of the city where you live is up to you.

If you are interest in games or have children, you probably know Minecraft. It can be briefly describe as a 3D game that takes place in a world built of blocks of 1x1x1 meter. Everything in Minecraft can be manipulate, broken down. And put together in different ways according to the game’s distinctive logic. Stone and wood can be use for tools and houses, plants can be grown on fields, metals can be melted into tools, railways, and so on.