Planning Warm And Cozy Basement Family Room

Cool Small Family Room Furniture Arrangement

Basement family room – When talking about the basement, you may think of a storage space or a rather neglected corner. This room can have a thousand and one features and basement renovation ideas are endless. This place is obviously fantastic because it absorbs the atmosphere we want to give it and brings significant value to your home. It is sometimes difficult to choose which atmosphere to give and opinions are often shared in your family circle. Installing lamps on a console behind the sofa creates a bright screen that separates two areas.

In addition, the lamps thus placed promote reading. The huge sofa can accommodate a lot of people. By choosing a modular sofa, you can separate the seats according to your needs or to change the appearance of the room. Do you like the idea of ​​putting wood on the wall? Put down parquet or barn wood! Arranged horizontally, the slats will give a nice effect.

To expose your favorite objects, install shelves of great thickness, but of different lengths, by shifting them to better animate the wall. If your choice ends on a brown, black or anthracite sofa, like here, add bright, colorful cushions to brighten it up. Lighting is essential, especially if the room is in a basement. Rather than a ceiling lamp that may crush the room, install recessed spotlights.