Perfect Space To Have And Invest To Prefab Tiny House

Cedar Creek House Prefab

The prefab tiny house has a total area of 100 square meters, the perfect space to have and invest just what is necessary. Here there are three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as front and rear terrace. This beautiful little house is surrounded by lots of green, its advantage is that its location can be so varied. That it is practical and easy to adapt to all climates. The exterior claddings are made of technical wood and moka marble.

Your organic appreciation is unique and familiar. The design was managed in such a way that the natural materials can provide a cool temperature in hot seasons and a warm one in cold seasons. Appreciating the small houses prefab from another angle. We have another perspective where we can identify the materials of the facade. So that it has created a contrast in colors and textures.

The wood seems to try to cover the marble. And begins to define the surface where the bedrooms and windows are located. On the main terrace, at the front of the house, we can see that it has some steps that define its passage to the main platform, which offers a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of the small houses prefab.