Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

Amazing Pedestal Sink Storage

Pedestal sink storage is a sink that sits on a tall base. They are usually found in dust rooms, standing sinks save space and are inexpensive compared to other types of toilets. A pedestal sink is just one of the many elements that you will need to consider when designing your bathroom, and may present some problems. Such as lack of storage space for bathroom essentials, such as cleaning products and personal care.

There is more variety of standing basins with respect to the traditional white model. Pedestal sinks now come in a variety of designs. From an elegant marble look with a funky modern design. To complement the rest of your decor. Even plain white models come in many different styles from those with clean, modern lines to those that have more traditional detailing. Take your general theme into account when choosing a pedestal sink.

If you are going for a utilitarian aspect, buy a wire shelving unit designed specifically for use around the base of a pedestal sink. You can also consider hanging narrow storage units on the wall on both sides of the pedestal. For even more storage, installing a mirror over the pedestal sink that opens to reveal storage space.