Patio Sunroom Ideas

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Patio sunroom can range from a small patio umbrella to a permanent wood grille or installed awning. Not only do they provide protection from the weather, but they can also increase the value of your home by adding extra living space to your house. If you are thinking of designing an outdoor living room, consider how to protect your investment. Cover your patio before buying the expensive patio dining set or grill.


Cover your patio with a removable cover. Generally simple and inexpensive, these can be set up in the early summer and taken down before the harsh winter snow arrives. Portable covers everything from worked and beautifully designed gazebos that can cost several hundred dollars, to a tarpaulin and metal pole set that can cost a fraction of it. Small patios or balconies can be covered with a simple patio umbrella. Most home improvement centers sell all three of these options, and if you buy them at the end of the summer, you can get an end of the season discount.


Raise the value of your home by constructing a permanent patio cover. A wooden lattice cannot only be beautiful, but it will provide shade during the hot summer months. Plant a fast-growing, flowering vine such as jasmine or wisteria near the grille for both shade and scent. Note that some grid structures do not have a closed roof, which means the patio will not be protected from rain. It is possible to buy lattice covers, however. If you want a solid, weatherproof cover, build a patio roof. A firm ceiling allows you to install wiring for a patio ceiling fan or lighting, and can protect your patio from hot and cold weather. Before building, check building codes in your area.