Organizing The Small Playroom Ideas

Playroom Makeover On A Budget Ideas

It does not need a lot of space to create small playroom ideas. You can easily convert a bedroom, office, living room or dining room in an area where children can play and keep their things. Buy adjustable modular shelving and several containers for use as much wall space as possible. This type of storage accommodates changing types of toys as children grow. It gives away unused toys so the room has only what children like. Look in any decorating magazine for a nice but trendy adult paint color and choose cheap white furniture to keep things bright and coordinated.

Bucket-type bucket shelves at a height your children can reach. Store the biggest things like trucks and dolls in the open buckets, and buy a set of containers for the bottom buckets to hold the smaller toys, like cars, blocks, and dolls. Buy taller, narrow store towers with adjustable shelves and containers that are accompanied by different depths to use as drawers for storage of small toys. Create a wall unit flanking a TV or a computer with the towers.

Install a pair of tall shelves for the art materials. Keep colored pencils, markers and colored pencils in open cups, small colored buckets or pots. Use some of the lower bookshelf shelves for books. Hang a set of peg hooks in a low place on the wall or stand a child-sized coat rack or a wicker-sized basket-sized basket in a corner to keep clothes off. Take pictures of the toys or cut pictures outside the catalogs of toys that serve as labels on containers, crates, and bags.