More Inspiration And Examples Of Subway Tile Bathroom

Amazing Subway Tile Bathroom

Subway tile bathroom – Subway tiles were originally designed for the French metro. Nowadays you can find them in both rural and modern interiors. A metrotegel is recognizable by the typical sloping borders. They were designed so that they would reflect enough light in the dark tunnels. The classic has a white color but also in this you can vary. More inspiration and examples of projects with subway rules can be found below.

Choosing subway tiles is choosing water-resistant, heat-resistant and easy maintenance. They are the ideal tiles for your kitchen and bathroom, the two areas par excellence that you want to be able to clean quickly. On top of that, they give a unique design appearance to the room and give a traditional touch to your kitchen or bathroom.

The small tiles with a facent side are used as wall coverings. They are especially popular to use as a splash wall in the kitchen. The nice thing about subway tiles is that because of their neutral character they fit into any type of interior because you can combine them with everything. The typical metro rule is white and shiny but you can now get them in all kinds of trendy colors.