Modern Wood House With Architectural Elements

Small Wooden House Interior Design

Modern Wood House – One of the main complaints about a truly modern home is that its design often feels cold and sterile. This is due to the simplicity of design that is used when creating a modern structure. That translates into an elegant and uncompromising look. The cool context of modern design can be heated. It is by adding texture touches to the room with log beams. Either in the addition of architectural elements or with furniture.

Build a rustic accent table of old woods. Use all the wood for the legs, creating a fat base, squatting. Whether for a game table, coffee table or sofa table. Cut four kinds of wood to make a canopy bed frame. Insert wrought iron pieces in the form of an arc between the posts for a head and foot and fix with wood screws or screws. Cut logs in half lengthwise and build a box to use for storage, at the foot of a bed or as a box of toys in a child’s room.

Add long woods on the roof of a free floor to create visual interest, either as beams or trusses. Cut a piece of wood to fit over a fireplace and mount it on the wall by making a portion of the back and using mounting hardware. Divide a room visually by adding a floor-to-ceiling wood for use as a column. Use the woods at the entrance and porch to create an inviting entrance to your home. Replace wooden porch posts with log beams. Frame the door with logs to create visual interest.