Modern Stone House Is Fashionable And Totally On Trend

Building Small House Stones

Modern stone house – A stone wall in the house is tough, fashionable and totally on trend. You immediately give your interior an industrial look. We show you some examples of an inspiring interior where the stones are clearly visible. You often saw him passing by in the 1970s, and then he disappeared from the scene. But he’s back again! Those who watch American films and series sometimes see the sturdy stone wall more often.

With the stone wall you get an instant loft feeling. Not surprising, because a stone wall fits perfectly with the industrial style. Stone wall is a perfect addition to the modern staircase. The red-brown stone here forms a nice contrast with the white of the stairs. It is especially trendy to stone a wall in a house.

The rest of the interior is nice and bohemian and as you can see, this is a nice combination with the authentic character of the stone wall. Again you see a stone wall combined with a nice modern interior. This time with a light Scandinavian touch. And of course you can also paint the stone wall white! This gives a tough character while at the same time giving a beautifully finished effect. The rest of the color tones are kept light.