Modern House Colors For The Exterior

Popular Modern House Colors

Modern house colors in various shades and intensities, is the most popular exterior color for houses. But white is not just white. There are so many shades of white that there are degrees of sunlight. Finding just the right shade for your home can take some experimentation. Prepare to spend time with color chips. If the choice is too difficult, just paint parts of the walls in different shades and look at the light game over them.

Modern house colors, often with black trim and contrasting front doors in black, red or dark green. You can easily soften the color of a clapboard exterior with a hint of yellow in white. If you live in a neighborhood of white colonialists, show nearby residences. Ask your neighbors who paint they use. Your elegant, gray-white exterior can look talking on a block of warm white, which will not contribute to its curb appeal.


There is a reason galleries have white walls. The background does not compete with art, and since white contains all colors. When your home is a sharp modern house colors, treat it as a work of art, and let the shape be the star. The outer whites play over to the inside, typically white as well, giving even more light to modern art displayed within. Use the truest white available, not a warm, soft white. A white with the slightest touch blue or a hint of gray reflects modern industrial or modern design sensitivity.