Modern Cottage House Plans Decor

Contemporary Cottage House Plan Ideas

Modern cottage house plans – It is not necessary to live in a cabin in the mountains to get a feeling of being surrounded by nature. A living room, study or office decorated in the style of a mountain shelter can create those feelings no matter what is outside. Decide what the focus of cottage decoration is going to be. Then for a more masculine look, focus on sporting and hunting equipment and trophies. For a more feminine look, choose fleece throws, statues of wooden animals and paintings depicting scenes of winter wildlife.

There are a number of different styles within the framework of cottage decoration. Those looking to recreate a ski hotel should think of large windows, a fireplace surrounded by comfortable chairs. And skis and canes as wall decorations. Those in search of a mountain refuge look should focus on neutral earth tones and depictions of wildlife. While blues and whites along with the decorations of the fishing gear can mimic a lakeside cottage.

A wooden table and chairs, ceramic plates and dishes, carved wooden bowls, chandeliers. Also a chandelier made with antlers can add up to an inspirational hostel kitchen. Greens and blues in the bathroom, along with nature curtains with bath and bedding stamped. And also imitation wood or antler switches plates and vases of wild flowers can make any bathroom like a home field.