Modern Colonial House Decoration

The Elegant Colonial House Plans

Modern colonial house color scheme as a backdrop to the other layers of design for a colonial home decor with depth and visual interest. Muted tones, including dark green, intense golden yellow, blue, red and gray, provide a basic color palette for an interior of a colonial-style home. Use creamy white for walls and wood accents to add a crisp tone to these areas. Brown and neutral shades of taupe finish off the vintage design and are appropriate for any furnishing item, ranging from upholstery to accessories.

Accentuate the colonial home decor with specialty lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces. Place a large chandelier on a dining table to highlight all the colonial design of a room. Hang candle type appliques on each side of a fireplace wall to amplify the focal point of the space. And then to give the room a functional as well as beautiful interior accent.

Add vintage accents for decoration. Colonial houses usually have an elegant, luxurious and feel, and include many accessories to highlight the overall design. The incorporation of accents with refined details, such as needle-snap samplers, oriental ginger jars, pewter items, and silver pieces. Adds a touch of color and texture to the design. In addition, items with eagle motifs are also a common element of colonial houses.